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Mask Network Service Agreement (Beta)

Last Updated on Oct 28, 2021

Dear user,

Thank you for choosing the service of Mask Network. The “Mask Network Service Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is signed by (hereinafter referred to as “Mask Network” or “we”) and the user (hereinafter referred to as “user” or “you”). The agreement establishes the legal effect of contract between you and Mask Network.

Mask Network hereby reminds you that before using Mask Network (hereinafter referred to as “Mask Network” or “the software”), please carefully read the “Mask Network Service Agreement” and the relevant terms mentioned later especially those in “Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability”, to ensure that you fully understand the terms of this agreement and take risks into consideration autonomously.

A. Regarding the Confirmation and Acceptance of this Agreement

  1. You understand that this agreement and related agreements apply to Mask Network and the decentralized applications autonomously developed and owned by Mask Network on Mask Network (referred to as “DApps”) (excluding DApps developed by third parties).

  2. If you download the Mask Network software and create or import an account, you shall be deemed to have fully read and accepted all the terms of this agreement. This agreement shall take effect immediately and be binding on both parties.

  3. This agreement can be updated by Mask Network at any time. Once the modified agreement is published on Mask Network, it will take effect immediately without further notice. After Mask Network announces the revised agreement terms, if you do not accept the revised terms, please stop using Mask Network immediately. Your continued use of Mask Network will be deemed that you accept and agree to the revised terms.

  4. If you are under the age of 18, or if you have no civil capacity or limited capacity of civil conduct, please use Mask Network under the guidance of your parents or guardians. Your continued use of Mask Network will be deemed that your parents or guardians have been approved such use.

B. Definition

Mask Network: The software developed by Mask Network to enhance the user experience on social media platforms. The software is compatible with a few decentralized storage protocols and a few decentralized apps.

The User: They need to meet the following criterias:

    a. The user must be a natural person with full civil capacity;
    b. If you are a minor under the age of 18, you need to use Mask Network under the guidance of your parents or guardians. If a person with no civil capacity engages in transactions using Mask Network, or a person with limited civil capacity engages in transactions beyond the scope of their civil rights or capacity, and such person shall be self-responsible for it and Mask Network has the right to require the person and the person’s parents or guardians to be responsible for loss or damage or all consequences.

Creating or Importing A Wallet: It refers to the process of using Mask Network to create or import a wallet in compliance with this agreement.

Identity Code: Mask Network provides identity code for users, which is composed of 12 ordered mnemonic words randomly generated by algorithms. It is the key to create and restore your digital identity. Please store it carefully.

Persona: User identity with public and private key pair, derived from the identity code in the system. Each Persona will have its corresponding public and private keys, which are used to post encrypted information and decrypt information shared by others.

Wallet Account: It refers to the process of creating a wallet on Mask Network. As a decentralized application, a set of mnemonic words will be provided during the initial setup of wallet. The wallet can be re-imported through plaintext private key, mnemonic words or encrypted keystore/json file.

Wallet Payment Password: It refers to the password determined by you during the process of creating the Mask Wallet, which will be used to encrypt and protect your wallet. As Mask Network is a decentralized application, we will not store any of your wallet data. Once you lose or forget the wallet password, you need to reset the wallet password with the help of a private key or mnemonic phrase.

Backup Password: It refers to the backup password used to encrypt files when you export data. Any exported data is protected by your backup password. Mask Network does not store user passwords, nor do we provide a centralized function of password recovery. Please protect your encrypted backup and backup password.

Information Prompt: The user shall follow the relevant steps of the information prompt provided by the user interface of Mask Network software.

Private key: It is composed of 256-bit random characters and is the core of user’s ownership and management of digital assets.

Public Key: It refers to a digital wallet address generated by one-way derivation from the private key under the principles of cryptography. It is the public address for receiving digital assets.

Keystore: It refers to a file where the private key or mnemonic phrase is stored and encrypted by the wallet password set up by the user. It is only stored in your local device and will not be automatically synchronized to the Mask Network server.

Mnemonic Phrase: It refers to another form of plaintext private key. Mask Network uses 12 words for encryption. The generation sequence is based on certain algorithm. Please back up your mnemonic phrase in time with physical medium, such as writing the mnemonic down on paper.

Digital Assets:: It refers to the types of digital assets currently supported by Mask Network, including but not limited to ETH, DAI, etc.

Third-party Services: It refers to products and services provided by third-party DApps, third-party smart contracts, third-party open source agreements, third-party products and wallets, etc.

Personal Information: It refers to various information of a natural person recorded electronically or in other ways that can identify the user’s personal identity alone or in combination with other information, including but not limited to the name, date of birth, ID number, personal biometric information, address, phone number, bank card number, email address, wallet address, mobile device information, operation records, transaction records, etc., but does not include the user’s wallet password, private key, mnemonic phrase and keystore, etc.

Risk Warning: It refers to the risk warning that needs to be confirmed when using any wallet-related plug-ins in Mask Network.

C. Service Content

  1. Create Identity Code

    The identity code consists of 12 random words and supports the encryption and decryption of encrypted social information signed and posted by the digital identity. Through “create an identity” provided by Mask Network, you can create or restore your identity (login). You can manage multiple personas within the identity at the same time.

  2. Create or Import A Wallet

    For digital assets supported by Mask Network, you can use Mask Network to generate a new wallet or import compatible wallets generated by other wallet tools in relevant blockchain networks. Mask wallet currently supports five chains: ETH, BSC, Polygon (Matic network), xDai and Arbitrum. In the future, we may integrate other chains.

  3. Backup and Recovery

    You can use the global backup function to back up data locally or via the cloud, including identity, Persona, encrypted social information, wallet (optional), etc. The user needs to set up a backup password to encrypt the selected data. If the user chooses to back up the local wallet, the user needs to enter the payment password to verify the wallet. When the user chooses to back up via cloud provided by Mask Network, the user needs to set up a mobile phone number or email address for sending and receiving verification codes so that the encrypted backup data can be fetched from cloud.

  4. Blockchain Interactions

    Blockchain contract interactions refers to asset transferring, receiving, red packets, Swap, ITO, etc. You can use Mask Network’s services such as transfer, receiving, red packets and Swap to manage digital assets, that is, use private keys for electronic signatures and to modify related blockchain ledger. Transfer means that the payer uses the payee’s blockchain address to conduct transfer operations. The actual transfer and receiving operations occur in the relevant blockchain systems (not Mask Network).

  5. Post Encrypted Information

    You can install the Mask Network ==plug-in== in your browser, and use the Mask Network plug-in on supported social media platforms to post encrypted information.

  6. Browse Through DApps

    Mask Network Dashboard provides self-owned DApps and DApps provided by third-party platforms. For DApps provided by third-party platforms, Mask Network only provides users with access to the DApp and provides a blockchain browser, and users can click it to jump to the third-party DApp and use the services provided by the DApp. As Mask Network provides non-commercial integration services, it will integrate plug-ins provided by community members and excellent teams of third-party DApps. Before using any wallet-related plug-ins in Mask Network (including Mask Network’s own DApps and third-party DApps), the users need to confirm the risk warning.

  7. Transaction Records

    We will display transaction records through blockchain systems. The transaction records are subject to the records of the blockchain systems.

  8. File Storage Service

    The file storage system currently used by Mask Network is Arweave’s permanent storage system by charge. We do not rule out the possibility that in the future users may need to pay for file storage by themselves. Arweave’s file storage can only be encrypted and stored by user’s own account. Mask Network cannot parse any user’s encrypted files. The files can only be decrypted by users of Mask Network themselves. As the file storage service is provided by Arweave, Mask Network shall not be liable or responsible for any file problems that might occur.

  9. Service of Suspension

    You understand and agree that based on the “irrevocable” nature of blockchain system transactions, we cannot suspend or cancel transactions for you.

  10. Other Services

    You will also see services that Mask Network deems necessary to provide.

Users should learn about the following common problems when accepting the above services provided by Mask Network:

a. Adhering to the decentralized characteristics of blockchain, Mask Network provides decentralized services which are essentially different from banking or other financial institutions in order to protect the security of users' digital assets. Users should understand that Mask Network does not provide the following services:

    i.   Store the Identity code, backup password, wallet payment password, private key, mnemonic phrase, keystore of non-hosted users.
    ii.  Freeze a wallet;
    iii. Report a lost wallet;
    iv.  Restore a wallet;
    v.   Transaction rollback;

b. Since Mask Network does not provide the above services, users should keep the mobile devices with installation of Mask Network safe, back up the identity code of Mask Network, back up wallet payment password, mnemonic phrase, private key and Keystore by themselves. If the user should lose the mobile device, or delete the identity code of Mask Network without backup, or delete the wallet without backup, or forget the wallet password, private key, mnemonic phrase, Keystore, or if the wallet is stolen, Mask Network cannot restore the wallet or retrieve the wallet password, private key, Mnemonic phrase or Keystore; If the user should make a mistake during a transaction (such as entering the wrong transfer address), Mask Network cannot cancel the transaction.

c. Mask Network and the digital asset management services provided by Mask Network do not include all existing digital assets. Please do not operate any digital assets that Mask Network does not support through Mask Network.

d. Mask Network is only a digital asset management tool for users, not an exchange or trading platform. Although this agreement will refer to "transactions" many times, it generally means the transfer and receiving operations conducted by users using Mask Network, which is essentially different from "transactions" conducted on exchanges or trading platforms.

e. The integrated DApps on Mask Network include DApps owned by Mask Network and DApps that are provided by third-party platforms. For DApps provided by third-party platforms, Mask Network only provides blockchain explorer for users to enter the DApps. Before accepting the service or conducting transactions, users must judge and evaluate by themselves whether there is risk in the service or transaction provided by the third-party DApps.

D. Your Rights and Obligations

  1. Create or Import A Wallet

    a. You have the right to create and/or import a wallet through Mask Network on your mobile device, and you have the right to use your own wallet to conduct transactions such as transfer and receiving on the blockchain through the Mask Network application. Mask Network may develop different software versions for different terminal devices. You should choose to download and install the appropriate version according to your actual needs. If you obtain a software or an installation program with the same name as the Mask Network software from an unauthorized third party, Mask Network cannot guarantee the normal use of the software, nor its security, and you shall be responsible for any losses and damages and costs caused by the software.

    b. After the new version of this software is released, the old version of the software may not be available to use. Mask Network does not guarantee the security, continued availability and corresponding customer service of the old version of the software. Please back up your existing data at any time, check and download the latest version.

  2. Use

    a. Users should properly keep the mobile device, wallet password, private key, mnemonic phrase, Keystore and other information by themselves. Mask Network is not responsible for keeping the above information for users. All risks, liabilities, losses, and expenses caused by your loss of mobile device, active or passive disclosure of wallet password, forgetting wallet password, private key, mnemonic phrase and Keystore, or attack and fraud by others shall be borne by you.

    b. Follow the information prompts. You understand and agree to follow the information prompts provided by Mask Network and operate in accordance with the content of the information prompts. Otherwise, all risks, responsibilities, losses and expenses shall be borne by you.

    c. You understand and acknowledge that Mask Network is not obliged to perform due diligence on the linked third-party DApp services or transactions, and you should make rational investment decisions and bear the corresponding investment risks independently.

    d. Actively complete identity verification. When Mask Network reasonably believes that your transaction behavior or transaction condition is abnormal, or that your identity information is suspicious, or that your ID or other necessary documents should be verified, please actively cooperate with Mask Network to verify your valid ID or other necessary documents and complete the relevant identity verification in time. Otherwise Mask Network has the right to suspend or terminate the service provided to you.

  3. Transfer

    a. You understand that because of the “irrevocable” attribute of blockchain-based operations, when you use Mask Network’s transfer function, you should bear the consequences caused by your mistakes by yourself (including but not limited to wrong transfer address, your own choice of the node server).

    b. You understand that when using the Mask Network service, the following situations may lead to “transaction failure” or “packing timeout” in transfers:

     i.   Insufficient wallet balance;
     ii.  Insufficient transaction miner fees;
     iii. The block chain failed to execute the contract code;
     iv.  Technical failures with network, equipment, etc.;
     v.   Blockchain network congestion, failure and other reasons cause transactions to be abandoned;
     vi.  Your address or the address of the counterparty is identified as a special address, such as a high-risk address, an exchange address, an ICO address, a Token address, etc.

    c. You understand and acknowledge that Mask Network only provides you with transfer tools. After you use Mask Network to complete the transfer, Mask Network has completed all the obligations of the current service. Mask Network will not bear any obligations for other disputes.

  4. Legal and Compliance

    You understand and acknowledge that you should follow the requirements of relevant laws, regulations and national policies when operating on Mask Network or using DApps on Mask Network to conduct transactions.

  5. Service Fees and Tax Liability

    a. Mask Network does not charge you any form of service fee or handling fee for the time being, and specific terms will be further agreed or announced when certain services need to be charged in the future;

    b. When you use Mask Network to transfer funds, you should pay miner fees, and the amount is determined by you. Miner fees are collected by the relevant blockchain system;

    c. You understand and acknowledge that under certain circumstances, if your transfer operation is not completed because of your environment and unstable network status, the relevant blockchain system will still charge miner fees;

    d. You are responsible for paying all taxable expenses and other expenses incurred by you for trading on Mask Network.

E. Risk Warning

  1. You understand and acknowledge that due to the unsound laws, regulations and policies in the field of digital assets, there might be major risks such as inability to cash out digital assets and technical instability. Furthermore, the price volatility of digital assets is much higher than other financial assets. We cautiously remind you that you should rationally choose to hold or sell any digital asset based on your financial situation and risk appetite. Mask Network provides the service of viewing the third-party market trend, which displays the historical data of digital assets on some exchanges for your reference, and does not represent the latest market trend or the best offer.

  2. When using the Mask Network service, if you or your counterparty fail to comply with the agreement, or with the operation prompts and rules on related pages such as website instructions, transactions, payments, sending and receiving red packets, Mask Network does not guarantee that the transaction will be completed smoothly. If the foregoing situation occurs and the digital assets has been credited to your or your counterparty’s Mask Network wallet or third-party wallet, you understand that due to the “irreversible” attribute of blockchain operations and the “irrevocable” characteristic of related transactions, you and your counterparty shall bear the corresponding risks and consequences, and Mask Network is not liable for any losses.

  3. When you use the third-party DApp services integrated by Mask Network or conduct transactions, for your benefit, Mask Network recommends that you carefully read this agreement and Mask Network prompts, understand the transaction party and product information, and carefully assess the risks before taking action. All your transactions in third-party DApps are your personal behaviors. A binding contractual relationship is established between you and your counterparty, not with Mask Network. Mask Network assumes no responsibility for all risks, liabilities, losses, and expenses caused by your trading operations.

  4. During the transaction, you should judge by yourself whether the counterparty is a person with full civil capacity and decide whether to trade with the counterparty or transfer funds to the counterparty, and you shall bear all risks related to this.

  5. During the transfer process, if there are abnormal information prompts such as “transaction failed” and “package timeout”, you should reconfirm through the official channel of the relevant blockchain system or other blockchain query tools to avoid duplicate transfer; otherwise, all losses and expenses caused by this shall be borne by you.

  6. You understand and acknowledge that after you create or import a wallet on Mask Network, your keystore, private key, mnemonic phrase and other information are only stored in your current mobile device, not on the Mask Network or Mask Network servers. You can change your mobile device by synchronizing your wallet and by other ways according to the operation guide provided by Mask Network. However, if you do not save or back up your wallet password, private key, mnemonic phrase, keystore and other information, when your device is lost, your digital assets will be lost consequentially. Mask Network cannot retrieve it for you and you shall bear the corresponding loss by yourself. When you export, save or back up wallet passwords, private keys, mnemonics, keystore and other information, if the information is leaked, or if the device or server that has stored or backed up the above information is hacked or controlled, your digital assets will be lost consequentially. Mask Network cannot retrieve it for you and you shall bear the corresponding loss by yourself.

  7. We recommend that you back up your wallet password, private key, mnemonic phrase, and keystore securely when creating or importing a wallet. Please do not use the following backup methods: screenshots, emails, notepads, text messages, WeChat, QQ and other electronic backup methods. We recommend that you write down information such as mnemonics and keystores on a paper notebook, and you can also store your electronic data in a password manager.

  8. We recommend that you use Mask Network in a secure network environment and ensure that your mobile device is not jailbroken or rooted to avoid possible security risks.

  9. Please be alert to non-official Mask Network frauds when using our services. Once you discover such behavior, we encourage you to inform us as soon as possible.

F. Service Change, Interruption, and Termination

  1. You agree that Mask Network can temporarily or permanently provide part or all service functions, or suspend some service functions or provide new service functions in the future in order to ensure the independent business operation. When any function is reduced, increased or changed, as long as you still use the services provided by Mask Network, it means that you still agree to this agreement or the revised terms of this agreement.

  2. In order to protect the security of your digital assets, please try to avoid the misoperation or risks caused by using Mask Network without basic knowledge of blockchain. Otherwise, Mask Network reserves the right to restrict or refuse to provide part or all of the service functions.

  3. You understand that Mask Network will suspend services under the following circumstances:

    a. Due to technical reasons such as your equipment failure, blockchain system maintenance, upgrade, failure and communication interruption;

    b. Due to force majeure factors such as typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, power outages, wars or terrorist attacks, viruses, Trojan horses, hacker attacks, system instability, or government actions or policies.

    c. Other situations that Mask Network cannot control or reasonably foresee.

  4. When you change, suspend, or terminate Mask Network Service, it will not affect the migration and storage of user’s local data.

G. Your Promise to Legally Use Mask Network Services

  1. You should abide by the laws and regulations of the country or region of residence and must not use Mask Network for any illegal purpose or use Mask Network services in any illegal way.

  2. You may not use Mask Network to engage in illegal or criminal activities, including but not limited to:

    a. Engage in any illegal and criminal acts, including but not limited to money laundering, illegal fund-raising, etc.;

    b. Use any automated programs, software, engines, web crawlers, web analysis tools, data mining tools or similar tools to have access to Mask Network services, collect or process the content provided by Mask Network, interfere or attempt to interfere with users, or gain access to Mask Network services in any other ways.

    c. Provide gambling information or induce others to participate in gambling in any way;

    d. Invade others’ Mask Network wallet to steal digital assets;

    e. Conduct transactions that are inconsistent with the transaction content declared by the counterparty, or untrue transactions;

    f. Engage in any act that infringes or may infringe the Mask Network service system and data;

    g. Other acts that violate laws or regulations or acts that Mask Network deem inappropriate with legitimate reasons.

  3. You understand and agree that if you violate the relevant laws or regulations (including but not limited to taxation regulations) or the provisions of this agreement, Mask Network has the right to suspend or terminate the service provided to you. To the extent that cause Mask Network to suffer any losses, damages or to be subject to any third-party claims or any administrative penalties, you shall compensate Mask Network for all losses and damages including reasonable attorney’s fees.

  4. You promise to pay Mask Network’s service fees (if any) on time, otherwise Mask Network has the right to suspend or terminate the service provided to you.

H. Privacy Policy

Mask Network attaches great importance to the protection of user privacy. For related privacy protection policies, please refer to the “Mask Network Privacy Policy” published and updated by Mask Network.

I. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

  1. Mask Network is only responsible for the obligations listed in this agreement.

  2. You understand and agree that, within the scope permitted by law, Mask Network can only provide services in accordance with the current and reasonable technical level and conditions. Mask Network is not responsible for failing to provide services due to the following reasons:

    a. Force majeure such as typhoons, earthquakes, floods, lightning or terrorist attacks;

    b. Your mobile device’s software and hardware, communication lines, and power supply lines are faulty;

    c. Viruses, Trojan horses, malicious program attacks, network congestion, system instability, system or equipment failures, communication failures, power failures, banks, or government actions;

    d. Any other reasons not caused by the Mask Network’s willful acts.

  3. Mask Network is not responsible for the following situations:

    a. Loss of digital assets caused by the user’s loss of mobile device, deletion of Mask Network without backup, deletion of wallet without backup, stolen wallet, forgetting of wallet password, private key, mnemonic phrase and Keystore.

    b. The user discloses the wallet password, private key, mnemonic phrase and keystore, or lends, transfers or authorizes others to use his/her own mobile device or Mask Network wallet, or does not download the Mask Network application through the official channels of Mask Network, or use Mask Network application in other unsafe ways, and causes the loss of digital assets.

    c. Loss of digital assets due to user misoperation (including but not limited to inputting the wrong transfer address).

    d. Loss of digital assets caused by misoperation because users do not understand the nature of blockchain technology.

    e. Users’ transaction records copied by Mask Network derivate from those on the blockchain due to time lag, the instability of the blockchain system, etc.

    f. The risks and consequences caused by users’ operations on third-party DApps.

    g. Any other reasons not caused by the Mask Network’s willful acts.

  4. You understand and acknowledge that Mask Network is only used as a tool for your digital asset management. Mask Network cannot control the quality, safety or legality of products and services, and the authenticity or accuracy of information provided by third-party DApps, nor can we control the ability of the counterparty to fulfill its obligations under the agreement signed with you. All your transactions in third-party DApps are your personal behaviors, and a binding contractual relationship is made by and between you and your counterparty, not within Mask Network. Mask Network reminds you that you should use your own prudent judgment to determine the authenticity, legality and validity of the DApp and its related information when login. You shall bear all risks arising from your transaction with any third party.

  5. Mask Network may provide services to you and your counterparty at the same time. You agree to explicitly waive any actual or potential conflicts of interest from such actions that might exist, and you are not allowed to claim that Mask Network has legal flaws when providing services. Mask Network shall have no any responsibility or duty of care hereof.

  6. Mask Network does not warrant as such below:

    a. The Mask Network service will meet all your needs;

    b. Any technology, products, services, and information you obtain through the Mask Network service will meet your expectations;

    c. The timeliness, accuracy, completeness and reliability of market transaction information of digital assets captured from third-party exchanges by Mask Network;

    d. The transaction parties on Mask Network will promptly fulfill their obligations in compliance with the agreement with you.

  7. In any case, Mask Network’s total liability shall not exceed 10 USD.

  8. You understand and acknowledge that Mask Network is only used as a tool for users to manage digital assets and display transaction information. Mask Network does not provide services such as legal, tax or investment advice. You should seek advice from professionals in the field of law, taxation, and investment, etc. Mask Network is not responsible for any investment loss and data loss and any other losses and damages that incurs during your use of our services.

J. Entire Agreement

  1. This agreement consists of “Mask Network Service Agreement” and “Mask Network Privacy Policy”.

  2. Should any provision of this agreement be deemed to contradict the laws of any jurisdiction, the agreement shall remain in force in all other respects.

  3. Any translated version of this agreement is provided for the convenience of users only, and there is no intention to modify the terms of this agreement. If there is a conflict between the English version of this agreement and the non-English version, the English version shall prevail.

K. Intellectual Property Protection

Mask Network is an application developed and owned by Mask Network. If you need to use it, please refer to the Mask Network source code authorization agreement.

L. Application of Law and Dispute Resolution

  1. The validity, interpretation, modification, execution and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed by, and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Cayman Islands, without regard to principles of conflict of law.. If there are no relevant legal provisions, international business practices and/or industry practices shall be applied.

  2. If there is any dispute or dispute between you and Mask Network, it should first be settled by mutual consultation in good faith. If the negotiation fails, such disputes shall be submitted by either party to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Cayman Islands.

M. Others

  1. You need to fully understand and abide by all relevant laws, regulations and rules regarding the use of Mask Network services in your jurisdiction. You should be aware of the laws, regulations and government policies of your residing country or region. If any legal issue or illegitimate risk occurs, you shall be self-responsible for it.

  2. If you encounter any problems while using Mask Network services, you can contact us by submitting your feedback on Mask Network.

  3. You can view this agreement in Mask Network. Mask Network encourages you to check Mask Network’s service agreement every time you visit Mask Network.

  4. This agreement shall be effective from Oct 1, 2021. For matters not covered in this agreement, you need to comply with Mask Network’s updated service agreement terms time to time.