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Mask Network Plugin “File Service”
Terms of Use

Last Updated on Dec 18, 2020


This is the terms of use for Mask Network Plugin “File Service” and the online service behind it.

This service is built over Arweave blockchain solutions.



This document includes the terms of using the Mask Network Plugin “File Service” (com.maskbook.fileservice). Mask Network itself and other plugins are not covered here.



Law Enforcement

Technical Summary


This Plugin encrypts the selected file with an AES-256-GCM Key (FileKey) to get Encrypted File (EF) and publishes EF on the Arweave network. Arweave provides a file storage service and an HTTPS interface to retrieve stored files. Also, this Plugin generates a Landing Page (LP) which contains the HMAC-SHA256 hash (HH) of the FileKey (for verification), and publishes it on Arweave. The Plugin writes FileKey and the URL of the LP into the Post, so that everyone who can decrypt the post can visit the Landing Page.


When clicking “Download File” in the Snippet under the Post, Mask Network will open the Landing Page. The Landing Page requests all active tabs in the browser to present the FileKey. Mask Network will receive this request and will provide the FileKey.

The Landing Page gets the FileKey and tries verifying the given FileKey with HH. If it is correct, the Landing Page will download the EF from Arweave and will decrypt it. The visitor can then preview it and save it to the local machine.

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We may update these terms without explicit notifications. You should frequently check if there is any update, especially after updating Mask Network versions.

If you have any question about this policy, please contact [email protected].